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Author’s Jewelry Art

Products of our artisans is power of art, contained in various forms of precious metals and jewels. Art for us is showing of feeling. Sense of beauty, giving view, sense or idea, always played key role in building of our world. So in our activity we base on sense of beauty, its perfection and intention.


All jewels are made by masters of the highest class by hand. Sensitive relation to craft is guarantee of real rarities.


Jewels for our works are collected from different corners of our world and they are natural, made by Nature itself.


Every jewel is unique gift of art and human thought. All jewels have an particular idea.


Esthetics and sensitive perception of art are impossible without deep understanding of simple things, vocation and experience.


Our specialists

  • Rogova Daria

    Jeweler, jewels' designer, painter. Expert of jewelries. Her mission is to bring the beauty in this world.

  • Istomin Sergey

    Jewelry stylist-expert. Jewelry practice from 1983 to 2001. He is a member of Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers and a member of Creative Union…

  • Musalevskiy Vitaliy

    Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor. He is a member of Creative Union of Artists from 2000. He is participant and prizewinner of many jewelry exhibitions.…


Especial jewels for especial events

    Wedding or bonding of relative relationships are something that is inalienable in every life. Jewels will commemorate perfectly your ceremonies and events.
    Child's birth or birthdays of relatives are those moments which we want to remember brightly. Make this moments unforgettable.
    Jubilees of one person or a company are memorable events, they keep the best feelings and experience. Collective unity always helps to development, and friendship make our life real.
  • LOVE
    Love as forerunner of life binds everything together and changes. Find an image for your love and make it in material form. Save your love with the help of real jewels.

The quality of jewels

Special view on jewelry art demands particular standards in work, materials and creation.

    In ligature of our jewels only noble metals are used as platinum. It imparts reinforced strength and also special shine.
    Gemstones used in jewels are natural - they are collected from all the corners of our world and show the sense of jewel.
    Every exemplar is unique jewel. Its authenticity and all regulations have their confirmation.
  • CUT
    Craftsmanship and versatility of our jewelers is realized in fantasy cut of jewels.




  • The quality of material is higher here than in stores of mass production.
  • Uniqueness of jewels give the sense of owning something especial to its owner for many years.
  • Real energy of jewels will always work to owner's benefit.


  • The quality of materials is reduced because of wish of fast income, damaging common result.
  • Made jewels without sense of creation have weak strength and don't give the particular level of esthetics.
  • Stamped or serial jewels are not convenient for relic, artifact or subject of strength.

"I always come to your store with glad. I get a lot of esthetic enjoyment and interesting ideas. Jewels are always extraordinary, magnificent with great taste. It is felt that here people work who love their job (love nature of gemstones, understand it, know their magic properties). When you leave this place, you've chosen a masterpiece already and you want to buy it. I enjoy communication with girls working here and I enjoy seeing this luxury. The girls are always welcoming, give you an advice. Thank you from your customer and your great fan! Marvellously! Thank you!!!"
"Natalia is a perfect consultant. She helped to choose the present for my sister - jewellery set with rubies with considering of color-type. She told about properties of jewels and history of collection's creation. It's real author's jewels"
"Perfect jewels - a joy for my soul!!! And seller is super!!! Take care her! :)"

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